A Food Truck Worth The Drive

I don’t know about you, but my husband and I really enjoy a good food truck. We even have talked of opening our own before. We don’t usually go too far out of our way to try one though and in fact, if we had known this place was a food truck and not a sit-down restaurant with inside seating and air conditioning, we might not have ever got to try this place and we would really have missed out.

Yesterday we were really in the mood for some good seafood and wanted to try someplace new and Shrimp Landing near Crystal River on the way to Fort Island Trail Beach was on my list of places to try so we set out on the roughly one-hour drive to get there with half empty bellies and high hopes. When we got there I was initially pretty disappointed. I really was. I had thought that it was an actual restaurant and was not really keen on the thought of eating outside even with covered picnic tables. My hunger over rode my misgivings about air conditioning though and I am so glad that we did!

My husband ordered the shrimp tacos and I got the fried shrimp basket and we both absolutely loved our food. The portions are generous and freshly made. There were some reviews online that said they were overpriced but we thought they were priced well for fresh seafood. The tacos were served with some sort of spicy chipotle type sauce that I ended up dipping some of my own shrimp in because it was so delicious.

The food truck shares dock space with several different types of boat tours such as scalloping, air boat, etc with a nice view of the river. There are also a ton of birds flying around as well as pelicans at the dock and they didn’t bother us but I’ve heard some of the birds will get brave sometimes and try and steal your food! Which has happened to me before at other outdoor seating locations so I try to be aware.

I honestly really enjoyed all of it. Next time we’ll bring our dog since it has outdoor pet friendly seating. And maybe sometime take one of the scalloping tours available there. I have always thought that those sounded like fun. After we ate, we went ahead and drove the additional 2 miles to Fort Island Trail beach just to get a view of the gulf. I wasn’t really dressed for the beach, but it was nice seeing all the families out and about enjoying the outdoors. One could also get food from Shrimp Landing and take it to Fort Island Trail Beach and eat it at one of the covered picnic tables for a different view if any were available.

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    The food is so good! I love your blog too!

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