Not Worth The Money Or The Drive…

Normally I really only post about places that I truly enjoy because I want everyone else to experience them too and it gives me enjoyment to know other people had a good time based on my recommendation. I go to a lot of places and don’t always have the best time but sometimes those experiences are so bad that I really feel like other people need a head’s up that it more than likely will be a bad experience for them as well. Well folks, Bok Tower Gardens is one of those places.

Bok Tower Gardens is located near Lake Wales and it took us a little over 2 hours to get there, we spent less than 5 minutes inside and immediately left. First of all, it is overpriced. Almost unbelievably so once you see what they have to offer (which wasn’t much). $16 a person to walk around some grounds with unimpressive and dying landscape. At most it was worth $3.

Secondly, the staff members we encountered were very rude and off putting. There were a few reviews stating so, and we should have taken them more seriously. The older I get the more I realize that my problems shouldn’t affect other people, and unfortunately these particular staff members had not learned this important life lesson yet.

I took a couple of photos but deleted them from my One Drive almost as soon as we arrived home because I would prefer to have no photographic memories of this experience. The only bright and shining light at the end of the tunnel was we traveled somewhere else and ended up having an amazing time. We might not have ever had the experience if we hadn’t left Bok Tower Gardens so soon after such a long drive so there is (almost) always a silver lining!

Have you ever been? Did you have a good experience or was it like mine, disappointing? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    I had a bad experience there as well. Not impressed!

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