We Made It To Nights of Lights After All!

***This post is actually from Nights of Lights from January of this year but I wanted to re-share this blog because it’s such a beautiful experience and you still have plenty of time to go this year!

Last weekend we took a little trip to Palm Coast so we could ring in the New Year close to the beach and also to eat at Mama Lings which I will be covering in my next blog because the restaurant deserves an entire post.

We really had no plans other than to spend some time in the sun and sand and eating at Mama Lings so New Years Eve we ended up taking the short little drive to St. Augustine and driving around town and seeing all the lights we missed a few weeks ago. Being New Years Eve, there were no places to park so we were unable to get out and walk around, but we were able to drive around and look at everything with relatively little motorized traffic (lots of people walking around and bikes and the occasional horse drawn carriage though).

Coming over the drawbridge into St. Augustine

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    I love going here! It is filled with so much history. Love it!

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