River To Sea Preserve Beach Access Near Marineland Is a Hidden Gem!

I know I have talked about it before, but my husband and I absolutely love the Palm Coast area. Unfornately life has got in the way over the last few months and we just couldn’t fit a trip in our schedule but a couple of weekends ago we finally got to travel back and spend a couple of days there. Normally when we come to Palm Coast we use a different beach access but we discovered the “River to Sea Preserve” beach access near Marineland and it might be our new favorite spot in the area!

As you can see from the above photos even when it’s cloudy and overcast the beach is beautiful! It has a nice big parking area and there is a boardwalk there with benches if you just want to enjoy the view and not get sandy. There are also restrooms there which I actually did not check out because we were already changed and ready to go but they looked accommodating.

In the above photo where you see the white rock “wall”, is a campground for RV’s and campers. It’s a great location for beach access. There isn’t much in this immediate area for food but Marineland is just right on the other side which would make a great day trip especially if you wanted to swim with dolphins.

This beach access is also not far from St. Augustine so if you are visiting that area and want to get away from the more crowded beaches this is a great choice that’s just a little ways down the road. Do you know of any other beaches in this area that are off the beaten path? Let me know in the comments or email me at doti@itsmorethanbeaches.com

One of the best parts about this beach was that it was dog friendly. Our poodle accompanies us almost everywhere and she loves the beach. Obviously bring things to pick up after your dog and

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    I’ve been here. This place is beautiful and its between St. Augustine and Flagler beach if I remember correctly. Love it!

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