A Disappointing Trip to Cedar Key

If you have followed me for a while, you know that I really don’t like to write anything negative. I have many bad experiences dining and otherwise that I never blog about because I don’t think it would serve any value to my readers. My experience in Cedar Key yesterday, however, I do believe deserves to be addressed in the hopes that the community will make an effort to correct this issue.

Yesterday my husband and I drove to Cedar Key. We had been there once before and were looking forward to eating delicious food and visiting some shops as well as spend some time by the water. Within 10 minutes of our arrival we had already witnessed something so atrocious we felt we had no choice but to get back in our car and leave.

We were walking on the sidewalk by the water and there was a vehicle parked right on the side walk. Not just on the sidewalk but a couple of paces away from a large sign that read “DO NOT PARK ON SIDEWALK!”. Ok so that’s ignorant but not the end of the world. And not what upset us. What upset us was that there was an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair that could not get around the car as it was straddling the sidewalk. His wife was asking them to please move the car so that they could get around. They not only wouldn’t move but were being verbally disagreeable to moving their car.

That all is upsetting enough but I haven’t got to the truly upsetting part yet. While all this was happening a local police officer drove right by and didn’t even stop! After the gentleman and his wife had finally gotten around the car by having to go in the street, his wife told me that cops had driven by twice while they were trying to get around and did nothing. Nothing. Even when she said she tried to flag them down for help maneuvering the wheelchair. She didn’t want to cause problems, she just needed a little help.

I am not a person that hates law enforcement. Not at all. I just want to make that clear. But I am EXTREMELY disappointed that the Cedar Key law enforcement did nothing to help protect this couple. What if somebody had hit the old man when he had to wheel out in the street? Or worse? It just disgusted me so much to see them do absolutely nothing to help this couple, let alone that they did nothing about the car illegally parked on the sidewalk.

It honestly makes me never want to go back and at this time, I can not in good conscience recommend any of my good readers waste their time visiting there either. A community that cares so little about their citizens no matter their age or abilities isn’t a community that I would want to spend money in, nor would I want you to either.

If anyone from the Cedar Key law enforcement, chamber of commerce, etc reads this post I beg of you to do better for your citizens! That older couple was absolutely heartbroken that they were ignored in a time of need. My heart broke for them too because the pain in their eyes and embarrassment of the situation of having a hard time maneuvering the wheelchair in the street was upsetting.

I sat there and filmed the car blatantly until it moved and when they pealed out they screamed obscenities’ out the window at me and the elderly couple talking. There were several children right there as well so all in all just a real classy experience. (obvious sarcasm)

That’s it for today! I hope that Cedar Key makes some improvements but for the time being, there are many other places in Florida to visit where citizens of all ages and abilities are treated with respect and I would recommend visiting those places before I wasted the gas and time going to Cedar Key.

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