Have You Been Searching For Florida’s Best Fried Chicken? I Found It.

I don’t know about you but I really love good fried chicken. It is really a time consuming (and messy) thing to make and is one thing that I haven’t perfected the art of either. Never fear though, I’ve found Florida’s best fried chicken and it is well worth the drive to Groveland, Florida to eat it.

My husband and I have driven through Groveland several times but had never stopped this little old drive through called “Krispy’s Fried Chicken” and a couple of weeks ago we decided to make a special trip just to try it.

It is about 45 minutes or so from where we live and it is a lovely drive through the country to get there also. If you know me, you know I love a good back roads road trip so it was a two birds with one stone situation.

This unassuming little building has the most delicious food inside

It is a drive through only place, but there is a park just a couple of minute away called Lake David Park that we drove to to eat. There was a nice view of the lake as well as restrooms, a splash pad, walking trails and more! There are pavilions to eat under unless you are like us and like to eat in your car while watching 90s sitcoms.

I ordered this for myself but it was big enough for two people

I ordered a thigh and leg fried chicken combo and my husband ordered a fried chicken sandwich and fried fish sandwich which I unfortunately did not get any photos of but were both really good.

My mother is visiting soon and I am doing everything in my power to manage to incorporate coming here into her trip because I already am having major cravings and I think she would like it too!

Do you have a favorite fried chicken place in Florida that you think is better than Krispy’s? Let me know in the comments and we will have to check it out and compare!

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    This place has the best fried chicken I’ve ever had!

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