We Started Off Going Out for Pastries and Ended Up Going to Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive (and got a flat tire!)

It has been really busy in our world the past several weeks and my husband and myself have not been getting out on the weekends as much as we normally do. Nothing bad though don’t worry! My husband, James, is a realtor with Realty Executives and has been showing homes to clients so luckily it has been a good kind of busy! This last Sunday he didn’t have any appointments so we took the much needed opportunity to get out and enjoy some of Florida’s finest.

We started off the morning going to Yalaha Bakery which I have recently written about for some fresh pastries and pretzels. I didn’t manage to get a picture of our delicious goods because we dug into everything pretty fast. We are obsessed with their pretzels. The last time we were there they were sold out so we were glad this time we were able to get some. Their pretzel buns are just as delicious so if you do happen to get there and there are no more pretzels just get some of the buns.

If you have been following along you know that I have an obsession with alligators so to my delight after we picked out our goodies at Yalaha Bakery (one at a time because we brought our poodle) James suggested we go to Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. I was really glad that I had remembered to bring my camera. We are much too spontaneous of a couple for me to ever leave it at home and when I do I always kick myself later. Phones are great but since we use them for everything else, using them for a lot of photo can eat up the battery and then you don’t have anything.

If you missed out on reading about the first time we went to Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive for my birthday in February click here to read about it. You can probably also tell from some of the photos just how different the drive looks during different times of the year. Most noticeably the water had receded quite a bit and the alligators were more out in the middle or in the shade vs in February when they were sunning themselves on the banks mostly.

We started off having a really great time just enjoying the scenery and the beautiful day as we cruised along at about 10 miles an hour eating our delicious treats from the bakery and then about halfway through we got a flat tire! Luckily everything was fine and we were able to safely get it plugged and some air in it before heading home but we did end up needing to leave sooner than planned because honestly neither of us were too keen on changing it with so many apex predators around and luckily had enough air that we didn’t need to. Pro Tip: Always have a spare tire with you, plugs, AND make sure you know how to change one.

Can you see this little guy in the shade? You can also see how much the water has receded

Even though we had to leave early it was still a great time and we ended up seeing around 35 alligators before we left so I was happy with that. I was also happy that my husband always keeps his cool even in an emergency because that is something I really need to work on. I highly recommend if you are ever in the area checking out the wildlife drive. It’s free and you make it last as long as you want and there is no shortage of great opportunities for wildlife photos.

Let me know in the comments where the best fireworks show is! We don’t have any plans so far and would love to see a great show so don’t hesitate to leave me your recommendations

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    I hear Mount Dora has a firework show on Sunday starting at 4pm by the water.

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