We Finally Got To Try Yalaha Bakery And We Are Hooked

If you ever wonder how we are able to find so many hidden gems, it is because I happen to have really bad anxiety about driving or riding on an interstate. I prefer to take a scenic route even if it does take a little bit longer sometimes because of my anxiety. I guess you could say it is a Catch 22 situation, because things may take longer but we find some truly amazing places by taking life a little slower and the Yalaha Bakery is one of those that we might not have ever known about.

We have passed this little bakery a dozen times and even stopped in once but it was so busy at that time you couldn’t even get in the door so we decided to leave and just try it another time. A couple of Sundays ago we got up and on the road so we could get there close to opening time and we loved it so much we already been back. Heads up! I also have hidden one of my painted rocks there and as of last weekend, it was still in it’s hiding place so if you find it let me know!

Yalaha Bakery in Yalaha, Florida is in Lake County just minutes from Howey-In-The-Hills. As you can see from the photos in the galleries, it is in a beautiful German inspired building with tables set up outside as well picnic tables out in the field behind the building. It really is a beautiful place to stop and they have live music on the weekends for a few hours.

The bakery has almost every sort of bread you can imagine, pastries, cookies, breakfast croissants, and the most amazing freshly baked pretzels I’ve ever had in my life. My stomach is literally rumbling thinking about them right now. Oh and they have this cookie that looks like a black and white cookie but it’s coconut and pistachio with one side dipped in chocolate and it just is amazing. Every thing we have tried from the bakery has been a treat for our taste buds.

The bakery also has a deli side where you can buy meals as well as craft beers and items like bratwurst out of the case to take home. Our first trip here we came back later in the day to try the food from the deli. We had high expectations considering how much we liked everything we got from the bakery but I do have to admit we did not like the food we got there. In the next paragraph I will describe what we got and our opinion on it. Just because we didn’t like it, doesn’t mean that you won’t like it though so I am not discouraging people from trying.

I got a bacon and onion quiche with French onion soup and my husband got a Reuben sandwich with potato salad and sour kraut. My quiche was unlike any quiche I have ever had. It had a soupy texture and was fairly sweet and my French onion soup had no cheese in it and just straight up tasted like wine. My husbands Reuben was served on a delicious pretzel bun but was lacking in both meat and flavor. The potato salad was not like any German potato salad I have ever seen. It was potatoes sliced thin swimming in an almost broth like substance and the sour kraut had no flavor. I will say that there are a lot of reviews about the deli that have similar complaints as ours as well as some that like it so it obviously is one of those things that just depend on preference and not liking food obviously isn’t earth shattering and luckily you can just walk over to the bakery and get something to eat.

We really can’t get enough of the bakery and their fresh baked pretzels and you definitly won’t be disappointed if you are in the area and get the chance to stop by. There is also a place just right next door that sells pies and has something called a “Redneck Margarita” that we haven’t been to yet but the staff at the bakery/deli said good things about it.

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    The pretzels are my favorite too! 🥨🥨

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