Kennedy Space Center, with a side note that we finally got married!

I know I really have been absent for a while but I do have some pretty good reasons for it! The first and most important being that we finally got married in a very small ceremony with only our poodle, Leia, for the guest. Obviously I was kind of side tracked because of that for the last few weeks. Then my best friend from childhood (from the age of two actually) came to visit from my former home state of Missouri with her fiancé for a few days so while I have been slacking on publishing blogs, there are tons of new photos on Instagram and I was able to visit several new places for new content, so I promise no more being absent!

One of my favorite things that we did was visit the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral which is just a very short drive from Cocoa Beach. I am going to tell you right now that it exceeded my expectations. We all were under the impression there would be some rockets, a museum, etc and that we would be done in a couple of hours. We could have stayed all day! There were so many sights and activities that even in the 4 hours we were there, we didn’t come close to doing everything!

There are several interactive experiences that are included with admission and also a few activities that don’t come with admission. Which for almost $60 a ticket, I really think that you get a lot of bang for your buck so to speak even considering there are other add on activities if you choose. One of my favorite experiences was at the Heroes and Legends building. I did get a little discombobulated during the interactive show but it was still really cool.

One thing we didn’t get to do because we were in a time crunch was take the bus tour of the grounds. We are already planning on coming here again though so we will be able to take it next time. It takes about two hours so if that is something you are interested in doing make sure you allocate enough time.

One service that Kennedy Space Center offers that didn’t take advantage of is apparently they have a kennel service! It is pretty self serve and you need to make arrangements in advance, but if you are like us and take your pooch everywhere it might be a great alternative especially if you are traveling. Inside the center they also have lockers for your things, much like Disney and other amusement parks.

There are also some food options! We didn’t take advantage of any of the food because we had other plans for lunch but there are a couple of places to get food or a snack. You can also get a drink like bottled water or pop from the gift shop or a small snack. I got my husband one of the astronaut ice cream sandwiches and it was actually pretty good! The gift shop is an experience in itself and we all left with lots of souvenirs.

A wall of Astronaut food

All in all I give the Kennedy Space Center a 10/10 and I already can’t wait to go again. My advice for going is to plan on spending all day, bring a water container and possibly something for rain, and a charged phone/camera because you are going to want to take lots of photos and videos!

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2 Replies to “Kennedy Space Center, with a side note that we finally got married!”

  1. leiasboppa says:

    This is so cool! I cant wait to check this place out. I bet it was awesome!

  2. Grammanutt says:

    Definitely one of the Best local spots in Brevard!!!!!!

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