We Went To The Fountain Of Youth (Time Will Tell If It Works)

It is no secret that my fiance, James, and myself haven’t been able to get enough of St. Augustine. There are so many things to do there and even though we have done quite a few of those things, we haven’t even scratched the surface!

We took a trolley tour of St. Augustine a few weeks ago (more on that another time) and one of the things I was most excited to see was the Fountain Of Youth Archeological Park. One big piece of advice I have if this is also on your “must see” list is to plan on going a separate day if you are also doing the trolley tours. There quite simply isn’t enough time to get the full benefits of the park while also doing the trolley and at roughly $20 a ticket(5 and under can enter for free), you hate to rush the experience. We will definitly be back again on another day where we can enjoy the park more without feeling rushed because we were on the trolley.

One thing I particularly loved about the park were all the peacocks everywhere. My grandmother used to raise peacocks and had the feathers all over her house so seeing them always make me think of her. She was an amazing person and I hope that I live up to her expectations. There is even a place or two with gumball machines full of bird feed so make sure you bring some quarters.

You can see in the first picture in the below gallery me sampling the magical waters from the fountain. Time will tell if it works. lol I will warn you…it tastes and smells very strongly of sulfur so be prepared for that.

The park has a lot going on besides “just” the fountain including canon ball firings every hour when the weather permits. This is actually the only place left in St. Augustine that does the canon ball firings anymore so if it a nice day this will be your only option.

The park is also dog friendly which made us feel really bad because we had put our poodle in doggie day care for the day because supposedly dogs aren’t allowed on the trolley rides. Just obviously pick up after them!

As you can tell from the photos above there is plenty to do and see at the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park! There was even a wedding taking place when we were there which I bet they had some amazing photographs from the experience! There is also a restaurant and a gift shop you can check out.

Have you ever been? Let me know in the comments if you have or if you are planning on going. Don’t forget to follow on Instagram and Facebook and to sign up for my newsletter as well so you always are the first to know when there is a new blog post.

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    I love Saint Augustine and every place around there! Keep the GREAT Blogs coming!

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