Canova Dog Beach, One of Our New Favorite Places!

We recently accidently discovered Canova Dog Beach near Melbourne, Florida and it has quickly became one of our favorite places to visit! It is right off of A1A so you can quickly get to lots of other places to visit in the area besides just the dog beach. I assure you though, that your pooch and your family will love coming here.

The thing we really like the most about this particular dog beach is that it doesn’t have a long trek from the parking area to the beach itself. Some beaches, Honeymoon Island Dog Beach to name one, you have to trek a really long way. Here, you just need to walk up some steps and you get an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Walk up experience of Canova Beach

There are clean restrooms and a couple of outdoor showers for when you are done and need to wash the sand off of you and your dog. This is right at the parking area so everything is really convenient.

Reminder to PLEASE pick up after your pet! This was actually one of the cleanest dog beaches that we have been to and obviously everyone that goes there would like to keep it that way. Run out of bags or maybe forgot some? Just ask! Any dog owner that has an extra bag will be glad to give one to you because we have all been there and nobody wants to step in poo. Again, this really doesn’t appear to be an issue at this beach but really it doesn’t matter where you are, you should pick up after your pets.

That’s all for this week! We are in the process of planning our next adventure. Have an idea for us? Email me at

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    I love the beach and that Poodle! 🙂

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