Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille Off the Square in Ocala

Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille off the square in Ocala is actually the restaurant that gave me the idea to start writing a blog about things to do and places to eat in Florida. It was one of the first places we ate at after we moved here from Missouri and I just realized the other day that I never even got around to write about it.

The restaurant is on the square in Ocala, right on the corner and parking can be tricky depending on the time of day. Harry’s boasts a New Orleans/Creole type of cuisine and definitely has a jazzy New Orleans dĂ©cor inside.

We have eaten here several times in the last year or so and I have to say that while it isn’t a bad place to eat by any means, it also isn’t one of our favorite places to go to. Their boudin balls are really delicious, but everything else we have eaten there has been pretty basic and nothing super exciting. I figured out how to make my own boudin balls and I have to say they are even better than Harry’s, so if all you want are boudin balls just hit me up for the recipe!

I am definitely not discouraging anyone from trying this place or eating here! It is an Ocala staple and there are tons of people who really love it. The inside really is beautiful and they have a really nice bar and very nice seating etc, it just isn’t somewhere I would choose to go to anymore. We’ve been there a few times and it’s okay but there are several places in Ocala that we prefer. But hey, maybe you will love it!

We all have different tastes that is for sure. I just wanted to stop only writing about places we absolutely loved and just start writing about everywhere. We spend a lot of time going and trying out different restaurants and activities and since everyone has their own likes and dislikes about things, I decided to just start blogging about everything we do and not just our favorite things to do.

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2 Replies to “Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille Off the Square in Ocala”

  1. Melissa Crews says:

    I would like your boudin ball recipe, please.

  2. leiasboppa says:

    Boudin Balls…MMMM!

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