PolanDeli Market & Kuchnia in Wildwood, Florida

If you are ever anywhere near The Villages or are near Highway 301 near the Florida turnpike, I highly recommend the PolanDeli Market & Kuchina. I had never tried Polish food before, other than I guess “Polish” sausage and sauer kraut and it is now one of my favorite types of food.

My favorite thing so far is either the Pierogi or the Golabki (stuffed cabbage). We didn’t get any pierogi on this particular trip for me to photograph, but I do have some photos of pierogi from previous trips on our Instagram page. They serve several different kinds that are all delicious it would be hard to choose a favorite, but I think mine would have to be the traditional sauerkraut flavor.

Like I said, we have been here a few times and we have discovered that James likes the stuffed cabbage with the mushroom gravy just a little bit more and I like it with the tomato based gravy just a little bit more. Either one is really delicious though. I paired mine this time with some potatoes and cold cucumber salad and both were really good. James went with mashed potatoes and potato salad and I tried them both and next time I might get the potato salad with the cold cucumber. There are still several other sides and dishes we have yet to try, and their menu has actually changed since we were there last so a trip is in our near future!

They also have bakery goods as well as other items like pierogis that you can take home and eat. The staff has been more than helpful any time that we have been here and they really seem to have a passion for their restaurant and customers. Sometimes there is even an accordion player there playing while you eat for a real Polish experience.

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