Another Day at King’s Bay Park

Being from the Midwest, all of the tropical flora and fauna of Florida has just fascinated me to the point of distraction since we got here (by the way it’s been almost a year can you believe it?!) and there is hardly a week that goes by that I don’t find some new plant or animal that I have never seen before to become obsessed with.

One animal that I have been dying to see since we moved here is an alligator. We have been to several places where alligators were known to be and I am always trying to spot them over bridges or when we passed by ponds and lakes. On our second trip to King’s Bay my wish finally came true! He (or she) wasn’t a very big one, but the sight of this alligator started my childlike alligator fascination. I loved dinosaurs as a kid, so maybe alligators are just the adult version of dinos!

My first alligator sighting!
Video of the 2nd time we saw this guy!

In my last blog, there were a few different videos of the manatees we saw that day but we didn’t see any on the day we saw the alligator. It was really warm on this day and the manatees apparently were hanging out at some local springs where the water is cooler than at King’s Bay Park. Three Sisters Springs is a really popular one.

Since we saw this alligator, we have seen several more in various places. One almost guaranteed gator sighting spot I will be covering in a future blog. If you are like me and can’t get enough gator footage make sure to follow our Instagram page where I have several really good photos of some we have seen.

After we left King’s Bay Park we got a couple of hot dogs from Coney Island and went to Fort Island Trail Gulf Beach. This is a really great little hidden gem of a beach just outside of Crystal River. There are also several trails and other cool little things to do on the way, but I’ll have to cover that another day because it is too much to add onto today’s.

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I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer and next time we will be covering a recent amazing restaurant experience that we had that we just can’t get enough of!

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