Kings Bay Park in Crystal River, Florida

One of our favorite places to go is Kings Bay Park in Crystal River. This may end up being a multi part blog because I have so much good content from different trips out there. This time I shared all the manatee footage we got earlier in the year. I regret that I didn’t have my camera for these and it is all cell phone footage, but you can still see the manatees pretty well.

Kings Bay Park is within walking distance of another park, Hunter Springs Park, in Crystal River. There is a small fee to park but there are several free parking lots close by if the pay parking is full. There are canoe/kayak rentals at Kings Bay that you can take out, including some of the clear plastic bottom ones. We have not had a chance to do this yet, but are excited about doing this sometime in the near future.

There are also guided manatee tours that you can take. The manatees are more active in the “colder” months so my advice is to take one of the tours then but they do come up and visit the springs year round.

Besides the amazing manatees (and other creatures I will talk about in a future blog) Kings Bay Park offers restrooms, pavilions, a playground, as well as a walking path and boat docks. There is definitely plenty to do to make an entire afternoon of this park even if you don’t go out on the water. Personally we love just sitting out on the docks and watching the birds and fish. You never know when a manatee might swim by!

As I stated earlier, this park is within walking distance of another park called Hunter Springs and it is also within walking distance of several local small shops and businesses in Crystal River. I highly suggest checking out all of the local businesses while you are in the area and maybe try a Gator Dog at Coney Island before you go home.

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I hope everybody stays happy, healthy, and KIND until the next time!

4 Replies to “Kings Bay Park in Crystal River, Florida”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This place is so relaxing!

  2. It really is! It is one of our favorite places to go

  3. Grammanutt says:

    You and James seriously need to do one the kayak tours where there are manatees. They will come right up to your kayak. It’s soooooo cute!!!!

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