Dade Battlefield Part 2: The Battle

My last blog post I wrote about the Dade Battlefield in Bushnell, Florida. This post is also going to be about Dade Battlefield, but this time we will talk about the historical part of the park instead of just the nature trails.

The battlefield is not from a Civil War battle like many people expect. This battle was between members of the U.S. Army and about 180 Seminole Warriors in 1835, decades before the civil war. The battle started because the U.S. Army was trying to remove the Seminole’s and send them to a reservation. The battle just lasted about 8 hours and at the end of it only 3 of the 107 soldiers from the army were still alive. Only about 3 of the Seminoles were killed.

It’s honestly a little surreal to walk somewhere where you know something like this took place. If you close your eyes you can almost hear the screams of the men who fell in battle and smell the blood and sweat and fear coming off the men and horses in the battle. Personally I get chills every time I walk past certain spots on the grounds no matter how warm the Central Florida day is. Maybe it’s my imagination. Or maybe its the ghosts of the past wanting to remind us not to let history repeat itself.

There are markers in the park showing where the officers fell, as well as informational markers along the trail telling the story of the battle. I really wish that the visitor center were open because I am told they have an award winning video telling the story of the battle.

Every year, as close to the original date as possible, the local Dade Battlefield Society hosts a reenactment of the battle. This year it was held January 2nd and 3rd.

They also try and keep the terrain as close to the original terrain as they can. There are obviously trails that are mowed through, but most of the flatwoods area is kept pretty authentic to how it would have been almost 200 years ago.

We live fairly close and come here quite a bit and they have other activities besides just the reenactment. Just this month on the 22nd they are having a ranger-led bird walk. I highly suggest you follow their Facebook page to keep apprised of all the upcoming activates. I know that we will be taking advantage of more of these fun and low cost activities!

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