Dade Battlefield in Bushnell, Florida Part 1

We take plenty of photos! And luckily everyone seems to follow the rule because we never find any trash
Find a prettier view…I’ll wait

It has been pretty well established by now that we really love to go exploring new places in my household! We recently discovered a pretty great place just a few minutes from home that also has historical significance.

The Dade Historical Battlefield in Bushnell, Florida is one of our favorite places to go now for a nice little walk. The next blog post I do will cover more of the historical things you can find in the park, this blog is more about the nature side of things.

The park first of all, is dog friendly. Just please clean up after your pets obviously. They also have nice CLEAN bathrooms, several pavilions, a playground, a gazebo and more! The visitor center is still unfortunately closed, but hopefully soon it will open back up! I would really love to know more about the park and get some souvenirs so fingers crossed they can open up again soon!

The park isn’t free, but is only $3 per vehicle. The price is a little cheaper if you are a pedestrian just walking in, and it is all on the honor system right now so bring exact bills or just put a $5 in there to cover the people who don’t pay.

The nature trails are well maintained and have several informational posts along the way to tell you about various local flora and fauna as well as information on how they maintain the landscape.

There are several ways you can walk the trails giving you a different experience each time you come which we really enjoy. Our poodle, Leia, really enjoys this trail too.

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Until next time! I hope everyone is doing amazing!

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    I love that park!

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