Tuscawilla Park in Ocala, Florida

Several weeks ago my fiance had a meeting at his office in Ocala, so I took our poodle Leia and explored the nearby Tuscawilla park. I loved it so much we came back right after his meeting!

Leia was a little unsure about such a fun bridge

There was a lot of interesting artwork at the park starting with the brightly colored bridge. As you can see our poodle didn’t quite know what to think about it 😂 There are quite a few different statues and sculptures throughout the park. I didn’t take photos of them all but you can see from the few I shared here that there is no shortage of things to look at while you walk around.

If you don’t like oaks and Spanish moss I can’t help you! lol

One thing I also really enjoy doing is bird watching. Especially water birds. There are a few bodies of water here as well as benches scattered throughout over looking the water. We took a seat on one of the benches provided and just watched the ducks for a while. There were also cranes, ibises and egrets walking around like they didn’t have a care in the world even with all the kids playing on the playground! The playground there was also really nice and far surpasses any thing I ever got to play on as a child in the days of the hot metal slides. lol

There are tons of different species of birds in this park

It really was a very peaceful place and I felt perfectly at ease as a woman alone walking around. It seems to be very well patrolled. We have since been back a couple of times and there is always a cop or security person there watching the area. There are also restrooms there by the playground as well as a discovery center across from the playground that we haven’t got to visit yet.

My hair is blonde now! This picture was kind of shocking to me
I loved this butterfly sculpture across the street
There are tons of beautiful and interesting sculptures in this park

One thing I do want to address that doesn’t have anything to do with this park necessarily is dog waste. We love bringing Leia places and in fact, try to only do dog friendly activities so she doesn’t have to be left at home. There are several places and parks where dogs aren’t allowed and we know it’s because people don’t pick up their waste. It’s gross to pick it up. I know it is because I do it. But…NOT doing it is why dogs aren’t welcome in a lot of places. So please please please if you are out with your dog please pick up their waste. Even if you are on an outdoor trail, it needs to be picked up because other people walk there. That’s it for my soap box today, I just wanted to address it.

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