Angelo’s Pizzeria in Inverness

Since we moved to Florida in July, we have been on the hunt for some good New York Style pizza. We have (so far) found 2 places that we really like and the first one we found was Angelo’s Pizzeria in Inverness.

The pizza there really is spectacular. On our first occasion we went inside and ate, and since then we have just decided to order ahead for a couple of reasons. Their pizza is delicious, but we did find the service to be kind of weird. For instance, we were told they didn’t serve slices after 3 on Fridays and Saturdays yet there were a couple of pizza’s worth of slices in the case and immediately upon being seated we were told that take out and delivery orders got first priority so it would be a little bit of a wait. Kind of weird but at least they were honest about it, and since we now know this is the case, we just order it ahead for take out. Problem solved!

We also order the rice balls every time and they are also really good! If you know us at all in my house we can kind of be snobs about food, so if we tell you their pizza and rice balls are delicious you can rest assured they are!

There is another place in Marion Oaks that we also really like, and we have decided to do a video soon of a taste test between the two to see which is better.

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