The Happiest Place on Earth II

My favorite tile scene walking through the Cinderella castle

Oh wow, I’m publishing another blog and it hasn’t been weeks since the last one!  Lol  Just a little humor. 

One thing I really wished I had done more of in the Disney trip was getting photos of ourselves.  I was trying to be mindful of my phone battery so in all honesty probably didn’t get as many photos and videos of the entire experience as much as I wanted all around but I still did manage to get a fair few that I still wanted to share.

The tile art in the Cinderella castle was really gorgeous.  Cinderella was probably my favorite of the Disney movies as a child because I just thought it was so cool that she could understand the animals and that they could understand her.

I mentioned in my previous blog that our first stop was one of the shows and then we rode the Teacup ride and then walked over to the Dumbo ride which is another ride that I dreamed of riding as a child.  Also, full disclosure, it scared me a little when we went up at the end.  Lol My niece wasn’t scared at all though and I didn’t know until we got on the ride that we could control the elephant going up and down which I thought was neat.

After the Dumbo ride my mom kind of wanted to just sit for a while (this was where we discovered you needed an app to eat, etc that I mentioned in my last blog) and James and myself went and rode Space Mountain.  Many of the rides weren’t open (and still aren’t) but from what I understand Space Mountain is one you definitly don’t want to miss. 

another tile scene in the Cinderella castle

Most of the lines weren’t as long as I am told they normally are even though they weren’t allowing full capacity on the rides themselves and I am glad we had the time to ride so many. The line for Space Mountain was one of the longer ones at the park that day but it only was about a 45 minute wait.  Splash Mountain, which we also really wanted to ride, had an almost 2 hour wait so we decided that one wasn’t worth it so we rode the runaway train ride twice. The Runaway Train ride is the one that my niece’s parents are going to blame her love of thrills for later in life because she absolutely loved it.  We rode it once and then turned around and went right back on and rode it again since the line had gone down

It isn’t a “ride” but we also went up into the Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house.  I have to admit, I have never watched that movie.  I will have to make the time to do it since we saw the tree house because it was a neat thing to see.  Also when you get to the top there was a nice cool breeze which was more than welcome for all of us.

The last thing we got to do was watch the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland.  Being able to sit down in the a/c was nothing short of a miracle on an almost 100 degree Florida October day, and it was also a pretty neat experience.

All in all our trip to Disney was magical.  My only regret was not being able to get a photo of all of us without wearing masks, but I do have the memories and hopefully Covid restrictions won’t last forever.  Understand I am not taking a stance on the matter, nor am I criticizing Disney because there just doesn’t seem to be a “right” decision right now to make regarding restrictions.  I just do wish that we had been able to get a photo showing our happy faces.  There is always next time though

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This was as close as we could get to the Princesses because of Covid restrictions
Another shot of the castle
Of course, if there is a horse around I am going to find it
Princess Parade!

Princess Parade!
Tomorrow Land, most of the rides were closed here

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