I Tried Duck For The First Time

I recently got engaged (you can read about that here) and we wanted to celebrate! We honestly don’t really need an excuse to go eat, but we wanted to try something different. I had never eaten duck before and had always wanted to so we searched for places that served duck in Ocala and decided on going to The Yummy House.

Salt & Pepper Seafood

We started off with an appetizer of salt & pepper seafood which had shrimp, scallops, and clams. Their website says their salt & pepper seasoning is really popular and after having it I can imagine why. Have you ever watched the Seinfeld episode where Jerry eats a bunch of garlic thinking it is peanuts? We had almost the same experience. 😂 The roasted garlic on our appetizer was so good we couldn’t stop eating it. It definitely had a nut type texture so now I finally understand how Jerry got so confused.

Now about the duck…I have always wanted to try duck. Where we lived in Missouri nobody served duck and it wasn’t something I had ever wanted to try and cook for myself so I was excited to try it. I had always heard it was really greasy but if cooked right, was still delicious. I thought it was….ok. First of all I was NOT expecting just a plate of greasy meat with two sauces on the side served to me. I thought that (especially considering it was classified as a meal) that the duck would have came with something. Steamed broccoli. Rice. Something. Anything. As you can see from the photo, it only came with two sauce choices. The darker sauce was not good, it was very sweet and almost gamey at the same time. I actually can’t imagine how it made it out of a test kitchen. The lighter colored one was really good though and paired nicely with the duck. All in all though I really wasn’t satisfied with my “meal” and luckily James’ portion of shrimp fried rice was enormous so at least I left full.

Now, we will go back there. They have a dim sum menu we would like to try and they had several other items on their menu that looked amazing. James’ shrimp fried rice was really good actually too, and the appetizer was really good as well. I was just disappointed in the duck. I knew it would be greasy but I just did not expect to be served a plate of meat with sauces since I ordered a meal. It was definitely too greasy for me to eat more than a couple of pieces and I thought maybe if the meal had been served with something else, the greasiness of the duck might not have seemed as bad. I might still try duck somewhere else but overall wasn’t happy with what I was served there.

Now you might be asking yourself why I didn’t just order something else for the side after I saw my “meal” was only meat. It’s a valid thing to ask yourself but it did take a while to get our dishes out in the first place and I didn’t want to have my food get cold waiting for something else. I had actually made fun of my fiance for ordering something so basic but I was glad he did because of the portion size.

The restaurant was really clean and our waitress was really friendly and nice. Social distancing procedures were being observed by the staff and patrons there which was nice to see. So if you are like us and that matters, The Yummy House won’t disappoint.

I do also want to add that I don’t regret trying the duck here. You never know what you will like or won’t like if you always stick to the same things and life is too short to only eat vanilla ice cream and chicken fingers.

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