A Beach Trip to Daytona and Cocoa Part 3

In the last blog, I left off after our delicious meal at Florida’s Seafood and a Cocoa Beach sunset. So I will start with the sunrise the next morning. James had gotten us an ocean view room specifically so that we could watch the sunrise over the ocean. Our room (while still having an amazing view) was partially blocked from being able to see the sunrise but it was still beautiful and I loved sitting out on the balcony of our room drinking coffee with my love watching what we could.

After we watched the sunrise we went ahead and checked out of the hotel and then went to the nearest Dunkin Donuts to get some more coffee and some breakfast. I should have stuck to donuts. I tried a breakfast sandwich and found it…unsavory. The snackin’ bacon was good though. There really aren’t a whole lot of Dunkin Donuts in the Midwest, and the Midwest is missing out. I think their coffee is so much better than Starbucks, not to mention, it is cheaper. But I digress…

After getting some more caffeine, we drove around and found a public beach access. There are several public accesses in Cocoa Beach, and maybe it is because of Covid or because it was early in the day but it was mostly empty. We spent a couple more hours playing in the water and gathering some sea shells for our niece in Missouri. The water was still pretty rough that day, but it was just days before Hurricane Isaias so I don’t think it is normally like that. We did get the added bonus of seeing the nearby Air Force flying over every couple of minutes. Presumably for landing practice but who knows.

When we woke up we were unsure if we wanted to spend another night away from our poodle, and since we had never been away from her overnight before we decided not to stay another night. So we left the beach to do some shopping before we left. I really had my heart set on a souvenir tee shirt or something so we went to a couple of the local souvenir shops. I don’t remember the names of the shops we went to. The first one had nothing in their women’s sizes over a size large which was weird and disappointing at the same time, but we found another one just right down the road and I quickly found lots of stuff but settled on a tie dye tank.

We also went to a couple of thrift shops. One of them was just called “Thrift Store” and was definitely not a thrift store. It had some cool vintage items, but the prices were more consignment and less thrift. We actually did end up buying a piece of beach themed decor for ourselves but otherwise it was a bust. I sell things on ebay that I mostly get from thrift stores and estate sales but I couldn’t find anything that I could have made a profit on there. I do love to shop though so no complaints. We did also end up stopping at the SPCA in Titusville though and found some good stuff that mostly has been sold already!

After all that we decided to head back home through Daytona Beach and stop and get something to eat there on the boardwalk before heading home. There was a lot of touristy type stuff in Daytona that looked interesting, but just a little too crowded for our taste right now. We did go into Zeno’s Boardwalk Sweet Shop to get some freshly pulled salt water taffy. We only got half a pound and we were halfway home when we realized we didn’t get enough! It was delicious. The inside of the shop too smelled like heaven and the employees were really nice and helpful. You can actually order from their website too! I fully intend on taking advantage of that if we can’t make it back there soon.

After the sweet shop we wanted to go to Joe’s Crab Shack, mostly for the view. However, once we got there we were informed of a super long wait. That wasn’t the end of the world but seeing the hostess and the waitresses walking around without masks was a deal breaker for me. I was hungry, but not hungry enough to feel comfortable eating there. I kind of turn into the Hulk when I am hungry so we saw a place called Pizza King on the boardwalk and decided just to get a slice and go home. Now, you know I have yet to write something really negative about anything but Pizza King is going to be the first. It was disgusting pizza. I couldn’t even finish my slice disgusting. It was basically a slab of undercooked dough sopping with sauce with cheese partially melted on top. I’ve had better at gas stations. That pizza shouldn’t be eaten by anybody under any circumstances ever. Now I get that maybe they had new people in there or there could have been a variety of things that caused it. I get that stuff happens. I really do. I’m less forgiving of it though when the place was as dirty inside as it was. But, we should have known better to be honest once we saw the inside of the place but James was just trying to get food into me as fast as possible before I got any more crabby! 😂 So lesson learned and all that.

We could have went someplace else after that but to be honest, we just wanted to get home and get our dog. As it turned out we didn’t end up making it in time to pick her up before they closed. Kind of a bummer because we were missing the little furball like crazy, but we didn’t want to affect anybody else’s home time because of our lateness.

So that’s pretty much it with the Daytona and Cocoa trip! Admittedly I cut it a little short because I have so many other places to write about right now. I will say that we definitely will make the trip again. We will visit Florida’s Seafood again too.

Have someplace in Florida you want to see me write about? Just let me know, we love to make little trips and try new things!

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