A Beach Trip to Daytona and Cocoa Part 2

In my last post, I wrote about how we took a little trip to Daytona and Cocoa Beach a couple of weeks ago and it started to get a little long before we even got to the Cocoa Beach part (or the back to Daytona part) so there may even be 1 or even 2 more parts to that trip for me to blog about.

I left off in the last part where we went and visited Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. I have a friend who lives in Cocoa Beach that suggested we visit there and The Dinosaur Store which we did not get to go to this time but is on the itinerary for the next trip.

The view from our room. Not bad!

After we left Ron Jon’s we were ready for the BEACH!!! So we checked into an ocean view room by the pier, changed into our swimming gear, and went and had some fun in the sun! Now, I have seen the Atlantic Ocean before but this was my first time going to a beach not on the Gulf of Mexico or in California and it was very interesting to me how different the beaches are on the other side of the state. *my fiance actually reminded me I went to the beach at Coney Island so technically it was my first FLORIDA Atlantic experience lol * Still beautiful and far superior to anything California has to offer but different. The sand isn’t quite that pristine white and the water seemed to be more rough. This was just about a week before Hurricane Isaias hit so from my understanding the water was a little more rough than usual. It was still enjoyable though, and the beach itself was fairly unoccupied. There were people there, but social distancing was definitely not an issue.

The absolute coolest thing happened while we were in the ocean and I did not have my phone with me to take a photo but we got to see a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center! It was such a unique experience and we didn’t know that it was launching that day. I mean, how many people can say that they got to see a rocket launch on a beautiful day while swimming in the ocean with the love of their life? I am linking a video of the launch here in case anyone is interested in it.

After we swam a couple of hours it was time for the best part…the eating part! We were really craving seafood and after reading reviews on different places around decided on Florida’s Seafood

Some places bring you bread, some places chips and salsa, Florida’s Seafood brings out what they call fritters but are actually more like beignets(fried dough with powdered sugar). I’ve never been anywhere where the pre-meal consisted of something so sweet but I love sweets. And they were very good. We went ahead and also ordered an appetizer of their Volcano rolls which were basically egg rolls stuffed with crab and shrimp. I say “basically” but they weren’t really basic and actually really really good.

For our entree I ordered fried shrimp and fried oysters and James got the cod piccata. My fried shrimp and oysters were so good. It’s only 7 a.m. right now and just the thought of eating those makes me hungry again. They have a really nice light breading and every single oyster and every single bite of shrimp was absolute perfection. I would 10/10 get it again. Now for the piccata…first I just want to preface this by saying that I do not like picatta at all, but I still don’t understand why anyone would pair it with cod. But that’s me. James wasn’t a fan of it either though. The cod just didn’t pair well with the picatta sauce and had too much breading for his taste. He ended up peeling the breading off and still said it wasn’t that great. I felt bad because my meal was excellent but I also feel like nobody should ever eat piccata anything unless they are punishing themselves. 😂 I did try it, because I try everything, and I thought it just didn’t have a good flavor at all. Luckily my meal came with so many shrimp and oysters I couldn’t eat them all, so at least he didn’t leave hungry.

After dinner our waitress brought us a small complimentary container of lemon sorbet. I have a photo of it above and even though it’s a really tiny serving it was quite refreshing actually and once you started eating it, you discover it’s just the right amount.

Our waitress was great. I’ve mentioned in other blogs how important service is to us and she was definitely good at her job. Everything came out in perfect time and even though the restaurant was really busy when we went, she never appeared to be phased by it a bit. A talent I can appreciate as I wish I had it.

The only thing I would have changed about the experience was the social distancing factor. The restaurant appeared to never have heard of it as every table had seating and people were crammed inside waiting for tables. If this matters to you, I would wait until you feel comfortable to be that close to people or call ahead and get curb side. Otherwise it was an excellent eating experience and we plan to return on our next trip.

Sunset in Cocoa Beach

I definitely am going to have at least 1 more part to this trip! We still have a whole other day in Cocoa and we stopped back in Daytona and did some stuff so it may even be 2 or 3 more parts!

The Pier at Cocoa Beach at night

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The ocean at night

Until next time, stay safe and happy!

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