The Cove in Inverness

One good thing about knowing other people is that they let you know about places you might not have ever found before. This was the case a couple of weeks ago when James’ aunt and uncle invited us out for lunch at The Cove in Inverness, Florida.

We might not have ever found it for a couple of reasons. One of those being that it is behind a Dollar General with no signage and you can’t see it from the road, and the second being that it is a sports bar and we generally overlook those since we rarely drink. This sports bar, however, did actually have good food which isn’t always the case or even the normal.

I believe these wings were in the ‘Debbie sauce’

His aunt and uncle ordered wings and coleslaw. They told us they order coleslaw everywhere they go. They have been to The Cove on a number of occasions so already knew that they loved the wings there. They each got a different flavor of them and James and I both tried them and they were really good. I’m much too messy of an eater to order wings anywhere, but it’s good to know we like them in case we ever want them for take out.

Grouper sandwich with potato salad

James had a grouper sandwich with a side of potato salad. He has been ordering a lot of grouper and this was the first grouper he has eaten since we got to Florida that he said was cooked right and delicious. His potato salad was also pretty good. They tend to be quite bland at restaurants but this one had a lot of flavor, and while he said it wasn’t as good as mine it was one of the better ones he has had. High praise coming from James.

Fried chicken salad

I ordered kind of light because I was just really in the mood for a salad. I ordered their fried chicken salad. It came with honey mustard dressing but I requested ranch instead. What’s up with all the honey mustard in Florida by the way? 😂 I’m from the Midwest, ranch is practically in my blood if not in my D.N.A. I like honey mustard ok, but it is interesting to me to see how it is used here like chipotle ranch is used in the Midwest. The salad was really good though all jokes aside. Usually salads that come with chicken are pretty light on the meat but this one had just the right amount and was just what I needed.

They did have a lot of things on the menu that looked worth trying. Lots of burgers and even some seafood choices. Unfortunately for my vegetarian and vegan friends there wasn’t a specific menu for you. My best friend is vegan so I always am checking to see where she can eat too because I am basically going to force her to take her next vacation here.

Our server was also pretty great. She was really patient with us since some people in our party were more interested in talking than choosing their meal (ahem James). But she was really good about it and on point about making sure our refreshments were refilled and plates taken away etc.

I will say that social distancing didn’t seem to be a priority and none of the employees were wearing masks which didn’t make me feel super safe. I know everybody has their own opinion on how to handle this situation just like everyone has their own comfort level with it, but this didn’t meet my comfort level.

Have someplace in Florida you want us to check out? Just let me know! We are always up for a little road trip and have a few that we are hoping to take soon.

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  1. leiasboppa says:

    I’m looking forward to going back and trying something else🤪

  2. Deidre says:

    You are having a blast!

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